25 Jul 2011

The Update to Lion

So I jumped in at the deep end and upgraded my home server to Lion. Theres no better way to learn what I'm up against for larger deployments than running into problems and fixing them. Not acceptable when people depend on your infrastructure but if my girlfriend even notices she can submit a ticket ;)

Upgrading to Lion
The app store process got in the way a little bit, but only because i didn't start the process in the way Apple expects. I assume that normally one would go to the app store click to buy Lion and then be prompted that you need the server app too and that the whole bundle would be x amount and would you like to buy them both.

I had already bought and downloaded both on another computer, had popped them on a usb stick and had tried to start the install. The app store recognised the Lion installer and noted that I had it installed but the Server App wasn't recognised. As such when running the installer I was faced with this error.
I clicked in the app store but it seemed to want me to buy both again and verify my payment details so I gave up there and decided to see how far I had to go to get both recognised. In the end I copied the Lion installer and the Server App to the Applications folder, added them both to the Dock for good measure and then logged out and back in again. The install procedure then started.

You can't run the server app in Snow Leopard
over 2 hours!
not even time can stand in the way of progress

The download of the additional server components was faster than expected and the installation restarted the computer. I was able to complete the Q and A part of the install over remote desktop to the server with the credentials of the local admin account.
And then the server rebooted into Lion...

I logged into the local admin account and fired up server. Oh Boy.
Web services were completely unconfigured, directory services were misbehaving, there are a complete lack of options for a lot of services.

The old server tools are a separate download and are needed to configure DNS and DHCP, among other services. The configurations for these remained unchanged. A little poking around revealed a Previous Systems folder in the computer's root directory which considerably had a copy of /etc and /Library from before the upgrade.

When upgrading from Snow Leopard Server use caution. Do not expect your services to work uninterrupted. Do not expect it to be easy to fix. All the tools you know are now different. Lots of options are gone and you will be left scratching your head. Turning to old friends doesn't yield much right now and potentially it never will. Right now The Admin recommends setting up Lion server on a separate machine and learning to duplicate what you currently do before moving away from Snow Leopard server.

Its all a bit wild west, but this is why I chose to upgrade at home first. With parallels to the recent final cut pro backlash not entirely lost on me I go forward. This is the beginning of the curve, lets crack out the Terminal.

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